A fork on the road and the motorcycle accident

We reached a fork on the road and then there was the motorcycle accident. The motorcycle ride plan was to go to from Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory to the Gold Coast in Queensland in two days with the aim of catching up with relatives and friends. We left Canberra at 7.00am and planned … Read more

How safe is your helmet

Nathan at the day gig sent me this site link, Consumer Rating and Assessment of Safety Helmets, aka, CRASH. Helmets decrease the severity of head injuries, the likelihood of death, permanent disability, and the time recuperating from injury. It’s great a site for telling you all you need to know about Helmets. Check out the … Read more

Everlater.com – Updating your friends while touring

We came across this great site that would ideally suit people who love to motorcycle tour and stay connected with with friends and relatives while enjoying the long distance ride. Imagine traveling on a tour overseas and you wanted to keep your friends informed of your trip by photos and messages through Facebook and Twitter … Read more

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