The Weekend Ride – Canberra to Bathurst return

Hi, We just had a fantastic weekend ride!  The weather was cold, the team were eager, the food was good and it was so much fun! Day 1 Canberra to Bungendore: meet at 7.45am, every one was on time, 2 deg C. Thankfully the new handgrip warmers installed OK the night before. Bungendore to Goulburn: … Read more

The Ride North

The camera is ready to roll, you’re expecting four motorcycles to come around the corner at any minute; here they come, camera rolling, bike one, then two, then three, waiting for bike four, oh oh, where’s bike four? Read on to find out what happens… It’s some time since we have updated We apologize … Read more

Get your kicks on Route 66

Route 66, you’ve seen it on the movies, it’s been in television shows, products have been named after it, songs have been written about it. So if you’re not from the United States; what is it; where is it; and what’s all the mystique surrounding it? For those who aren’t familiar with Route 66, it’s … Read more

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