A fork on the road and the motorcycle accident

We reached a fork on the road and then there was the motorcycle accident. The motorcycle ride plan was to go to from Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory to the Gold Coast in Queensland in two days with the aim of catching up with relatives and friends. We left Canberra at 7.00am and planned … Read more

Riding in traffic on a motorcycle – 3 second gap

Image of a Motorcyclist in traffic

[youtube width=”640″ height=”400″]http://youtu.be/7vd_OuqUAaI[/youtube] There’s one problem when riding in traffic on a motorcycle when something goes wrong around you, someone usually comes off second best and in many cases, it’s the motorcyclist. This interesting little video shows you what happens when this occurs. In this case it’s an interesting outcome. The video reminded me of how … Read more

The Screaming Banshee Motorcycle Horn, it saved my life, several times

Image of the Screaming Banshee Horn

Last year I wrote some articles about the Screaming Banshee Motorcycle Horn. Just to recap, the Screaming Banshee Horn was a project on Kickstarter where it sought for funding to develop the project. One of the incentives for people to donate to the project was to sign up, pay some money, and you received one of … Read more

Live to Ride – Motorcycle Safety

Image of Live to Ride, Ride to Live

I came across these great motorcycle stat charts (nice) on the real dangers associated with riding motorcycles. The stats are a couple years old, however the message is always as relevant today.  Motorcycling is dangerous, but boy is it fun! Enjoy. via   via  

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