WWII Treasure – Buried Motorcycle in the Forest

WWII Treasure – Buried Motorcycle in the Forest

Source: WWII Treasure Buried in the Forest – Worldshipwrecks

I must confess I envy those guys with enough time to wander the woods and the beaches with their metal detectors.

Even if they’re not actually treasure-hunting, these fellows often find amazing pieces with historic value which end up in museums or make awesome memorabilia of times past.

However, finding a WWII buried motorcycle in the woods is no everyday treat.

Unfortunately there’s no info as of where was this machine found, but we’re looking at a bike which may be as old as 80 years old. According to web resources, I’d say this is either a Red October (Krasnyi Oktyabr) L-300 machine, or the original DKW Luxus 300 the Russians got their “inspiration” from.

If any of you has enough expertise to pinpoint the origin of the bike, please share your mighty knowledge with us!As far as history has things, DKW had licensed the production of the Luxus 300 to the Russians, and they started building their own version in a plant in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg), funnily adding that the L stood for the city’s name.

The L-300 got the Krasnyi Oktyabr brand name but at the same time taking a plunge in performance, because of the very lousy gas Russia was using. What started up as an elegant German two-wheeler, ended up with a 25% weaker engine (around 6 HP).

Production moved to an Izh plant, as the Tremass and Promet plants could not make these bikes in sufficient numbers.

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