BansheeHorn – warning system for Motorcycles

Hey, you have to check this out. I’ve become a sponsor of the BansheeHorn project found on Kickstarter. The BansheeHorn is a combination of a loud motorcycle horn and flashing headlight when your horn button is pressed, however it also allows you to keep your existing horn.

My friend Ben, currently on his “L” Plates in Australia, was recently run off the road by a “Cell Phone Betty”, wonderful.

I’ve had several experiences of people not concentrating on the road due to using their mobile phones while driving.

Year’s ago I had a set of FIAMM electric horns on my GS1000 Suzuki, it usually fixed a lot of situations, so I’ve been wanting to put a decent set of horns on my ST1100 so I’m prepared if a situation arises.

About the BandsheeHorn

Peter a Kiwi (New Zealander), now living in Florida is an inventor with an Electrical Engineering background. Peter is an active motorcyclist and passionate about safety.

Check out the story below:

If you’re a rider, I suggest you get on board with this project in its last days. If you sponsor this project, Pete will reward you with a complete unit.

When the project goes live, I’ll get the link for the product so you can purchase it from the supplier.






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