Why ride a motorcycle?

1. Motorcycling can be cheap transport

The cost of a motorcycle as opposed to some other motor vehicles can make it an extremely cheap form of transport. In some Asian countries small motorcycles are the only affordable form of transport.
Depending on the size, they are cheaper on fuel. Even some large motorcycles are reasonably economical.

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2. Motorcycles are better on the environment

Motorcycles use less fossil fuels therefore minimizing the carbon footprint. The world’s aim is to have less reliance on fossil fuels. Motorcycling certainly offers that solution. In time we will see other forms of power for motorcycles. Possibly electric motorcycles or motorcycles powered by ethanol, some of which are already on the drawing board.

3. Motorcycles are a great form of recreation

Back in the 70’s Steve McQueen starred with a number of experienced riders in “On Any Sunday” to share the joy and experience of motorcycle riding. The experience of riding still provides one of the great appeals of it being recreational activity. The reason the experience is so good is that it usually leaves you craving to do more and allows you to share in the experience with others.
For those who enjoy partaking in motorcycling for recreation the saying is usually, “I just can’t get enough”.

4. Motorcycling skills better equip you as road user

If you become a competent and experienced motorcycle rider, you will undoubtedly become a better road user. You become more aware of things that happen on the road, you develop skills that allow you to quickly size up situations and utilize avoidance techniques. These skills can be vital in saving life if sticky situations arise.

5. Motorcycling provides you with a way to relate to people

Ask anyone who rides a motorcycle and they will tell you that motorcycling allows them to relate to other people, especially other people who ride motorcycles. This ability to relate provides a certain level of respect amongst riders. Pull into a pub, or road stop and you can usually start talking to people about motorcycles. Having the same platform allows people to relate with one another.

So there you have it. We’re sure there are many other reasons. But for now, there are enough reasons for you to start thinking about the “why” you should be riding.

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