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Phil Priest and Chris Mundy were born with motorcycling in their blood.

Phil’s father had a motorcycle and Chris’s father, grandfather and uncles all rode motorcycles at some stage in their lives.

Phil’s motorcycle adventures occurred growing up in a rural Tasmania where motorcycles on the farm were the way of life. Since then Phil has owned a number of off-road bikes and a sports bike.

Phil wears the scars of somebody’s trailer detaching from a car and hitting him, he also wears the feathers of hitting a Cassowary (large native bird) while riding in Papua New Guinea.

Phil is currently in the hunt for two new wheels.
Phil’s Riding Experience:

  1. Agricultural Bikes
  2. Motocross Bikes
  3. Sport Tourers

Chris’s first motorcycle ride occurred at the age of 11. He rode a homemade mini-bike with a direct drive lawnmower engine mounted on a push scooter frame with no brakes and survived when the throttle jammed open. Since then he has gone on to own trail bikes and sports bikes and sports tourers. In his first year of riding he survived hitting a neighborhood dog.  In his second year it was running into the back of a car (oops it had drum brakes all round) laying down his Honda SL125 as it ran out of rubber, that was back in the 70’s.

Chris’ Riding Experience:

  1. Off-Road Bikes
  2. Road Bikes
  3. Sports Tourers

Chris currently owns a 2002 Honda ST1100 and BMW K1300GT SE.

Australian Contact Address

P.O.Box 826
ACT 2912
(Gungahlin pronounced gun-gah-lin, ACT: Australian Capital Territory)

Incorporation Details

Official Company Name:Warwick Stuart Pty. Ltd.
Australia Company No (ACN):
124 890 071

Registered Office

Suite 2d, 1st Floor
18 Napier Close
ACT 2600

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Phil and Chris are both directors of Warwick Stuart Pty. Ltd. an Australian Company (ACN 123456) motorcycleridingcentral.com is an international arm of Warwick Stuart Pty. Ltd.