31 years of having a Motorcycle License

This month I celebrate 31 years of having a Motorcycle License. I would love to say that I've been riding all those years, however, that would not be telling the truth. In that period I had a sixteen year break where I thought I'd probably never ride again. Well, egged on from a bunch friends who knew me when I use ride, I started riding again, that was in 2006. Back in … [Read more...]

Motorcycleridingcentral.com News

Hi and welcome to motorcycle riding central news. The first bit of news to share with everyone is the launch of this site. We thought it was time put our money where our mouths are and set up this site. There's probably a lot of people who are saying, 'well its about time'. However that's business, things take time, and we want the best result for our readers. To let you … [Read more...]